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Meet Some of the Animals Currently on the Property


Minnow is very shy, and is in love with another one of our rescues - Nacho Victory. She is thoroughbred rom the race track, that we took in during our current Pandemic. She loves spending her days with Nacho Victory and hopes to one day find her forever home.

Nacho Victory

Nacho Victory is another one of our Pandemic rescues. He is Minnow's forever stud and the tallest horse in our rescue. He has arguably the biggest heart of our entire rescue. He has the biggest dark eyes, and always looking to be cuddled. Raced up to July 2021! He is looking for his forever home.


JR is one of wild mustangs. He is naturally afraid of helicopters, but loves everyone with his big heart. If you're looking for your heart breaker, look no further. JR loves his female human friends. He is always looking for cuddles and as a natural escape artist, he is always a great addition to any ranch.


Apollo is our natural leader of the pack. He loves his best buddy Janet - another one of our rescues. He was racing Josephine County Fairgrounds in Grants Pass Oregon as of April 2021. His race name is Intelicrypt and has been doing so since 2017! Has done 6 furlongs, 5 furlongs, and is full of energy.


Meet Rocco! Rocco joined the KCR Family in June of 2022 along with Red, Mino, Apollo and Janet. Rocco is a stallion and is the leader of the heard. When he got here, he was scared and uncared for. We cleaned him up and gave him the love he never had before. Rocco is a goofy, sweet love bug who we love very much and we hope you will too!


Meet Janet - you may have heard of her namesake, Janet Jackson. She is an alpha female and loves her best friend Apollo. Daughter of thoroughbred "Time to get Even" - she comes from a strong family line. She has never raced herself, and what she lacks in races she makes up in attitude. She is great with children and looking for her forever home.


Meet Sox! He is KCR's forever horse and truly part of the KCR family. He is a great family horse and amazing with Children. Though Sox isn't up for adoption and found his forever home, we are always looking for sponsors to help us fund his feed, housing, vet, and training. He is truly the face of KCR Ranch and we're so happy to have him.


Meet Rose! Rose is a very sassy sweet Mare and strong spirit. Rose's personality makes her a really awesome horse. She is great with kids and adults! While Rose is a very brazen mare; she makes a great companion and will always make you smile! We are all so happy to have a rose apart of the KCR family and we hope you’ll love her just as much as we do!